Provide a language-rich environment

一張含有 冰箱, 建築物, 相片 的圖片
自動產生的描述  一張含有 草 的圖片



Different classes take turns to perform in English during morning assembly.



English Days are held every Friday. Students are encouraged to speak with teachers in English on Fridays.





Labeled pictures of objects, posters of classroom language and instructions are displayed in classrooms.

一張含有 桌 的圖片



Posters of wise sayings are put up around the campus.

一張含有 地板, 藍色, 室內, 建築物 的圖片



Students’ works are displayed in classrooms and around the campus.

一張含有 文字 的圖片



English programmes are broadcasted during morning assembly.







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